During this network-wide meeting, the ESRs met their complete advisory team, the other ESRs and the seniors from the different network sites. Training was provided on fundamental academic skills, including legal and ethical issues (good scientific practice, ethics of working with children, good clinical practice) and experimental training (setting up and designing experiments). This training week took place in Nijmegen from April 11th until April 15th.

  • This training week was divided in two parts. In the first part, all ESRs presented a short pitch on their study topic:

Workpackage 1:

Workpackage 2:

Workpackage 3:

Workpackage 4:


 During the second part of the training the ESRs were trained in experimental observational measures & fundamental academic skills which included:

  • Training on the The Observer software (Noldus). The training was provided for Leanne Loijens and dr. Petra Warreyn.
  • Training on social communicative abilities, early communicative scales, parent-child interactions and measures and reliability of these interactions. The training was provided by dr. Sara Van der Paelt.
  • Research ethics by dr Sabinne Hunnius and dr. Pim Haselager.
  • Workshop about stress in infants and children by dr. Carolina de Weerth and Maartje Zijlmans.
  • Training in setting infant EEG experiments and how to analyse the data using Field Trip. Given by dr. Robert Oostenveld.
  • Data sharing by Ricarda Braukmann.