The BRAINVIEW project is governed by the following consortium/decision-making bodies:

  • Coordinator

    The Coordinator of BRAINVIEW is Prof. Dr. Jan Buitelaar (SKU). The project coordinator is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the European Commission and the consortium as well as the supervisor of the overall progress of the project.

    Prof. Dr. Jan Buitelaar


  • Supervisory Board

    The highest decision body of the ETN is the Supervisory Board (SB), which will be appointed to oversee, coordinate and monitor all key issues of the training program. It will be chaired by the Coordinator and will consist of representatives from all level 1 partners (including three partners from the private sector) and an ESR representative.

    The SB will meet once a year in a General Assembly for the duration of the project (at the Annual ETN Retreat) and will remain in continuous contact through the use of web-based interfaces. Each member of the SB will have one vote and all decisions will be made according to a simple majority voting scheme. The SB will be responsible for the management of the ETN as well as the evaluation and close monitoring of all actions. It will oversee the allocation of funds and it will be responsible for the overall strategy of the ETN. Urgent decisions may be taken via teleconference at the request of the Coordinator or of one third of the beneficiaries if none of the Beneficiaries has reasonable objections to this way of deciding. The SB will also be responsible for the establishment of contacts with other European, and international programs and associations, as well as governmental bodies.

  • Steering Committee

    The Steering Committee (SC) consists of all WP leaders, the coordinator and one ESR. Under the directions of the SB, the SC will oversee the management and evaluation of the ETN. The SC will meet twice a year and will communicate through the use of web-based interfaces and regular conference-calls. The SC will also be responsible for overseeing the recruitment procedures at each of the partner sites ensuring that they conform to the European Charter for Researcher, Code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers. The SC will report regularly (twice a year) to the SB about the progress in the implementation of the training program. The SC will also be responsible for overseeing compliance with national and international regulations in ethics and conduct of research as well as compliance with international declarations about the protection of human subjects in research and animals.

  • Project Management Office
    Saskia de Ruiter